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  The concept of Neil Young playing Telluride always made for intriguing on the street conversation over the years. It also always seemed a little out of reach, for reasons known only to those who kind've put these things together. The routing gods. Neil's camp. Neil himself.  The hope and dreams chapter of our books a never ending page turner. It would be all about the when, in this highest of celebrations. The greatest marriage of artistry and geography in the history of the world. Comes a time.


 The spiritual forces driven by horses finally came to the conclusion that right now would be a very healthy reason for those that know

to gather and meet, to share the sweet. The sounds of beautiful wonderment. Words that make you want to get involved in doing what's right, doubters detouring down the highway. Magical and reciprocal moments matter only to those who want to experience them.


One cannot measure the highness involved during these epic 2 days and nights that made up this great marriage. Impossible to 

describe that there were 7000 people in the band. Don't have to tell you the setlists. That's not even important. But they were.....perfect.

Think what you may of Neil. The hesitaters always find the detour signs. From the heart a voice, embraced over 50 years of choice. 

In tune with our muse. Thanks for letting us get so close to yours.

 Spring of 1992. As I look back on it now, I realize how easy it was to approach and get close enough to smell the cologne and perfume, let alone get ok pictures of, a presidential candidate and his wife while campaigning. Don't have any idea if it would've been this relaxed with any other possible candidate, but on this day in Austin on the steps of the State Capitol building, with the Clintons, just walking around declaring "I'm with the press, the PRESS" seemed to be good enough for all. I had no credentials. Bill shot me a look and a quick grin, figuring I was a friendly fire kind of photographer. Make sure you get my good side. 


No security that I remember. I don't recall seeing too many other photographers, although there had to have been. In a matter of moments, I got what I wanted and got the hell out. There's an interesting aura that permeates while being close to politicians and everyone and everything that follows and surrounds them, but it always feels unseemly.


 Although I was close enough to perceive the scent of Arkansas, I couldn't quite hear what Hillary was whispering in Bill's ear. I've always imagined it was something along the lines of, "This is your time baby, but you won't believe what's gonna happen in 25 years." The shot from the front? I don't know. True love and respect, possibly. We're pulling this thing off, maybe. Or perhaps in true politician style, they wanted it to look all cozy and beautiful for the photographer with no credentials. This one screams out, "I got you babe." But who's got who?..........I just know what I got.

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